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Oceania Hotels, the unleashed brand...

Thanks to its family history and its roots in Brittany, Oceania Hotels is a brand with character and attention to detail. Avoiding the standards of hotel chains, designing tailor-made spaces, transforming comfort into conviviality and offering a memorable interlude are all part of our daily commitment.

This makes every journey, every encounter and every night unique in each of our hotels.


The experiential design

Beyond visual harmony, we give meaning to the experience. Materials and lighting are specially designed to enhance exceptional places and create welcoming spaces. In a mix and match spirit, we offer you atmospheres that are both cosy and contemporary, aiming to highlight the uniqueness of each place. While comfort and service are always at the forefront, surprise is the guest of surprise.

Ideal to feel good, out of time... simply!



Shared values

The Oceania Hotels combines a personalised and responsive service with a constant desire to develop innovative establishments. From Brest to Marseilles via Paris, you'll always find the same energy and warm welcome at all our establishments, where our teams are ready to listen and ensure your well-being. Welcome, commitment, helpfulness and expertise are just some of the values cherished by the Oceania Hotels family and its 600 employees!


Our established identity

Oceania Hotels, a family company created in Brest 45 years ago, was the first company to have the ambition - one could even say the madness – to want to create a nationwide hotel brand with all the obligations this entails. An atypical Breton company built on exceptional people and values, Oceania Hotels Has mastered the growth of its network by placing the emphasis on proximity and innovation.

By deciding to manage all of our operations from our head office in the heart of Brest, our family business confirms its commitment to its native region of Brittany.


Stars in your eyes

3 or 4 stars, Oceania Hotels adapts to the desires and needs of everyone, sometimes even on an identical destination. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, alone, as a couple or with your family, there is no reason why you should not stay at our hotels.


Our commitment to the planet

At Oceania Hotels, the quality of our services goes hand in hand with our eco-responsible approach. We are committed to limiting our water and energy consumption, reducing our waste and the use of plastic. We pay particular attention to reducing our impact on the environment, from your pillows and duvets, to the materials used in the hotel and our services.

Because our ethical approach also aims to favour local partners who share the same values, we are proud to work with local actors.

We’re more than a hotel group, we have values, an identity, people

At Oceania Hotels, our top priority is the satisfaction and wellbeing of our customers. It’s thanks to them that we still enjoy the same buzz every day! A big thanks to all those who have already tested the Oceania Hotels experience and who share their satisfaction in person and on the social networks daily. And a warm welcome to those who haven’t yet opened our doors, but who’ll be surprised and delighted to discover hotels combining character and modernity, refinement and simplicity, but above all emotion... We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Gurvan Branellec, President

The hotel business is above all about adapting to the lifestyle of the guests, and this is even more true today. The OH brand is positioned as a wellness hotel, not only because we have created many wellness areas with swimming pools, but because above all, you feel good in an Oceania hotel. Through the decoration, the atmosphere and the ambiance, the guest feels that little bit of extra soul that no other hotel has. I am a passionate person and I live our hotels, our employees are too and together we transmit this sincerity and this emotion in the customer relationship. Some people will obviously talk about a "life style" hotel, but an Oceania hotel is much more than a hotel, it is a unique place to live, where you simply feel good.

Rozenn Branellec Dumon, Directrice Générale