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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars: welcome to the culinary world of Oceania hotels!

Several of our hotels have restaurants, bars or a meal service via local partnerships with artisan caterers or even dishes by famous chefs served in jars. These gourmet services are not reserved solely for hotel guests. Discover the special features of our hotels where you can enjoy lunches and dinners in a unique setting.

Oceania: discover our hotel restaurants

Several of our Oceania hotels welcome you to their restaurants:

Our Chefs offer modern cuisine made from regional products designed to take your taste buds on a trip! Each of our restaurants welcomes you in its own unique ambiance. The spaces are decorated with style to enhance your dining experience.

Would you like to have lunch in the sun? Some of our hotels restaurants offer an outdoor dining space. Take the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by lush vegetation. A peaceful interlude amid the hustle and bustle of the city.



Enjoy a drink in the bar at an Oceania hotel

With your partner, on your own or with friends… the bars in our hotels invite you to come and enjoy a drink. Within their eclectic decors, we offer an amazing menu of drinks and cocktails to choose from.

Which ambiance will you choose? That of the arty bar at the Oceania Hotel de France in Nantes with its legendary musical evenings? That of the seventies-style bar at the Hotel Oceania Quimper? Unless you’d rather make yourself comfortable at one of the tables in the bar at Le Jura Dijon hotel and sample a selection of the region’s best wines?



Food offerings in Oceania hotels

Are you staying in one of our hotels that doesn't have a restaurant? Don’t worry, we've thought of everything! Our hotels set up partnerships with local caterers. You can also enjoy a meal in a jar prepared by a famous chef. A snack service may also be available, so you can grab a quick bite between two trips out (or two dips in the pool?).

Oceania hotels pull out all the stops. Restaurants, bars or food service, everything is designed to excite your taste buds. Whether you’re a guest or just passing through, our hotels are always ready to welcome you with great food and service.